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After years of selling running footwear, apparel, gear, nutrition and reading material in Ashland, Oregon, the Rogue Valley Runners (RVR) brand has caught on and has truly become a household name. (Never mind the owner is the world famous Ultrarunner, Hal Koerner [pronounced ker-ner].) After much poking and prodding from the Ultrarunning community, RVR has created an online store that sells some pretty cool branded odds and ins. We hope you enjoy the growing selection of goodies and invite you to message us if you have suggestions and/or requests of items you'd like to see us add.

We'd also like to extend a HUGE thank you to everyone that has helped to support our brand. It's such a flattering complement that fellow runners enjoy shopping our store as well as sporting our logo. We strive to make you happy and in turn that makes us pretty darn happy too.